Strength Training In Small Spaces: What Equipment Do You Need?

More and more people are switching their fitness routines to at-home workouts and creating their own home gyms. But with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which pieces of fitness equipment are worth the investment. Here are some equipment recommendations, including strength equipment, to check out as you build your small-space gym.

Door Gym: This space-savvy piece of equipment attaches to a doorway and allows the user to perform a variety of pull-ups and other exercises. Some designs also allow for push-ups, dips, forearm workouts, and more. Most door gyms are made from steel and designed to fit standard doorways without causing damage.

Fixed or Adjustable Dumbbells: Dumbbells are one of the most common items in a traditional or home gym. But how can you know if fixed or adjustable dumbbells are right for your space? Adjustable dumbbells are space-saving and compact, while fixed dumbbells are quicker to "grab and go" without taking the time to make adjustments. Adjustable dumbbells are often a more affordable and convenient option for home gyms.

Ankle and Wrist Weights: As an especially size-friendly set of equipment, ankle and wrist weights add a customizable strength challenge to your movement routine. These types of weights are also simple and wallet-friendly additions to a home gym.

Resistance Bands: Some fitness experts have deemed resistance bands a reasonable alternative to traditional weight training. The muscle activation from resistance bands is similar to free weight training due to the instability created by the bands. Most sets of bands come with different resistance levels for a customized workout.

Suspension Training Straps: Suspension straps are popular even in conventional gyms, and for good reason - these workout systems deliver a powerful full-body workout using your own body weight. The straps are small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage, making them an easy gym option for people "on the go."

Miniature Step Machine: Most of us are used to seeing step machines in large gym cardio centers, but they are now made in sizes small enough to slide under your bed! Many include removable resistance bands to add strength training to the aerobic action.

Foam Roller: If your fitness routine results in sore, aching muscles, a foam roller is a must-have for your at-home equipment. Foam rollers improve blood flow by working through knotted muscles and targeting pressure points. If storing a foam roller isn't convenient, massage balls are another good option for sore muscle soothing. Some massage balls are temperature-retaining and can be stored in the freezer for yet another level of muscle relief.