Nighttime Activities To Enjoy While Camping

When you go camping with your family, there are all sorts of things to enjoy during the day. It's easy to fill the day with swimming, hiking, bike rides, and many other activities. When the sun goes down, you might initially struggle with how to keep your children entertained. While some parents give their kids screen time in the tent, you might be eager to avoid screens altogether while you camp. Fortunately, there are a number of different activities that can work well at night. Here are some nighttime ideas to consider while camping. 

Catch Fireflies

If you're lucky enough to spot some fireflies when you're camping, either around your campsite or perhaps in a larger open area such as a field at the campground, it can be fun to grab a few empty jars from your cooler and attempt to catch them. It can be a big accomplishment to secure a firefly in a jar. Your kids will enjoy seeing it illuminate close up, especially if this is their first time witnessing the magical look of this flying insect. Chasing fireflies can easily occupy some time in the evening. Don't forget to open the jars to release the fireflies once you're done with this activity.

Light Sparklers

When you're packing the supplies that you'll take camping, be sure to get a package or two of sparklers. They can provide a surprising amount of entertainment for your kids. Once you teach your children about how to handle them safely, you can light some and enjoy waving them around in the dark. This can even be a fun photo opportunity. For example, each of you can draw the shape of a letter with your sparkler to spell a word and you can set your phone's camera to its timer mode so that it can capture a unique shot of your family.

Play Flashlight Tag

Flashlights are a valuable piece of gear to take camping. When you're packing, remember to buy one flashlight for each of your family members. Doing so will provide all the equipment that you need for a game of flashlight tag. This game is based on the regular rules of tag, but instead of touching someone, the person who is "it" must shine their light on another player. Tour the campground in the daytime to find the best place to play this game once the sun goes down. The fun you have may even encourage other campers to join you.

Contact a local recreation center for more family activity ideas.